Server Download and Notice!

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Server Download and Notice!

Post by Shinobu on Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:04 pm

Hello, - 8/24/17

The Magic Latale Server is running, and going strong! bounce
We are doing updates almost weekly.

To get a account on this new version!

As of right now you all may know, you send me the account u want,
and if you do it through discord you will get a fast response.

We are going to be making a register server! (Undecided date)

Updates you may see coming soon! (Chronological)
Raffle Donor Boxes; (Event's)
Gold Dart Uses!
Fashion Shop Update!

As a lot of the active players know we were using really broken files meaning,
you could hit 200k+ damage at level one.
We reverted from that!

New client!
Download link:

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